Join a Zoom Meeting without Install

In order to host a meeting, you must install the zoom program. However, you can join a zoom meeting without installing anything. This is important because our teachers and students do not have the rights to install programs. So, here is quick version of how to join a meeting without installing zoom. 

  1. click on the link that was sent to you
  2. click on launch meeting
  3. click on "join from your browser"
  4. type your name 
  5. Click "I'm not a robot"
  6. Perform the Captcha
  7. Click Join
  8. Wait for host to let you in. 
  9. You may have to turn on your video or mic
  10. When you  turn on your video or mic, watch for a prompt to allow the site to have access to your camera or mic
  11. Also, make sure that you don't have a privacy cover on your laptop camera. (many of our computers have little slides that cover the camera when not in use)