Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode


A newer version Internet Explorer fails to render a webpage correctly.  This is often due to webpages being written to accommodate quirks in older versions of Internet Explorer.  Newer versions handle web standards more appropriately and as a result render the page coded for old quirks incorrectly.  Example fails to render properly in Internet Explorer 10:


By enabling compatibility mode, a newer version Internet Explorer will render the page as previous would have.  Compatibility mode is enabled by clicking the torn page icon in the address bar.  The icon will become blue when compatibility mode is enabled.

Currently this appears to fix the problems with rendering incorrectly in Internet Explorer 10:

Alternatively a different browser that the site supports, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, may be used.  Typically these browsers will render the page correctly when Internet Explorer fails to as historically they have been written to adhere to web standards more closely than Internet Explorer.