Keycard and Secure Access Door info:

There are certain times that faculty and students have access to certain areas on campus. 

In General non-faculty do not have access to enter our secure perimeter during school times. Visitors and Students will need to enter at designated entrance points, 

  1. A-Building (Sanctuary Foyer): proceed upstairs to MS office Foyer
  2. C-Building: covered Drive through. Visit foyer desk to gain entrance
  3. White-House/Admin: visit the foyer and speak with someone through the glass. 
  4. E-Building/Admissions: please visit the door to admissions (by the Main Gym). Someone will have to admit you. 

PBS Faculty can click here and login to view the schedule: 
This document has a list of electronic doors and their respective access and schedules.
Secure Access Door List with Map.docx

(Note you must login with Parkview Credentials to view)