Youtube: Tricks

Start the video at a certain time.

Often as teachers we want to start the video at a certain time. This shows you how to get a link that will start at a certain time stamp in the video when shared. 

  1. Open the video you want to share in a "modern browser" like MS Edge or Chrome.
  2. Play the video until you get to where you want it to start. (or drag the bar at the bottom)
  3. Right click on the video

  4. Select "Copy video URL at a certain time"
  5. Paste this link in Teams, email, etc.  
    Some "advanced" version. If you look at the link above you will see it ends in "?t=3". That's actually the code that tells the video to start at the 3s mark. Change that 3 to a 10 before sharing the link and the video will start at 10s instead)
  6. When students click on this link, it will start the video at that time. 

Other Youtube Link Tricks:

The real trick to youtube "tricks" is the share as imbed and edit link trick

On your youtube page, click "share"

Version 1 "easier thing" to start with full screen and no starting commercials.

  1. Click copy to copy the link.  It might look like this... "" but the number after "/" will be different. 
  2. edit that link to look like this ""   Notice: the "/embed/" and that the number didn't change. 
    You can edit the link by pasting it into notepad OR just paste into the address bar of your browser and edit before clicking enter. 
  3. This will produce a link that will start full screen with no commercials.