Gradecam is a program we pay for that allows you to replace scantrons. You print your own scantrons. Students bubble in their answers and their ID number. Then you can scan them into your computer using either a camera or one of our scanner/copier/printers on campus. 

The advantages of Gradecam

  • No more ordering scantrons. You can print them for $0.01 ea.
  • There is extra room on the page for students to show work on free response parts of the test.
  • Grades are attached to a student ID, so you see a list of students and their scores. 
  • You can do item analysis to determine how many people missed each question. 
  • Students are automatically synced into your classes. (this is done with

Step-by-step guide

  1. go to
      (This is a portal we use to allow you to use your school credentials and to sync your classes with renweb)
  2. Click on "Sign in with Microsoft"
  3. type in your school credentials. (email and password)
  4. Here you will see a list of apps that we are working to make available to you. Click on "GradeCam"
  5. GradeCam loads and shows your assignments. (This may be blank, of course, if it's your first time to login)
  6. click on classes to see a list of your classes.

 Create an Assignment:

Note: Gradecam has a pretty good tutorial here: 

Just start with "Print Scan Forms" Or "Create and Scan Assignments". You don't need to create classes, we've done that for you. 

  • Click "Assignments" at the top of the page
  • click "New"
  • click "New Multiple-question Assignment"
  • Type a Name for the assignment, type in the number of questions you want in 'length', and set the expected date of the assignment. 
  • Click save. 
  • You'll now see your 'key'. Go through and select the correct answers by clicking on them...

    NOTE: You can also change the type of question. For example, you could use a number grid, TF, Rubric, or Multiple Choice. 
  • Select the point value for each question:
    • You can click on each question and edit each question. 
    • OR you can click the selection box in front of several questions and edit them together. 
    • After selecting "all" or several, click 'edit' (toward the top right)
    • Now you can change the point value for all of the questions you selected.  (Other edit options are available as well)

Print Forms:

Now you are ready to print forms for students to take their test. 

  • Toward the top right, click on , "Forms". This will bring up a dialog box for some options:

    • Assignment is prefilled for you. 
    • Class:
      • If you leave this "Print generic..." then the program will print forms with a blank spot for students to bubble in their ID number. (Student ID numbers are printed on their Student ID)
      • If you select a specific class, then the program will print one form for each of your students. Each form will automatically have students names at the top and their ID number pre-filled
    • I recommend leaving the "Student ID digits" at 7. Some of our newer students have longer ID numbers. Students that only have 4 digit ID's can enter their ID and just leave unused digits blank. 
    • don't mess with the size
    • "# copies" creates multiple copies
    • "Fit" Allows you to print several per page, but then you have to cut them
  • Click "GENERATE"
  • Click "DOWNLOAD PDF"
  • You'll now see the pdf version of your answer sheet. 
  • You'll see i used a blank class because there is a place for their ID at the top right. 
  • Now print, this file like any other. 

Grading Tests:

  • Get to gradecam as before ( portal, click on gradecam, login)
  • your default page is "Assignments"
  • You should see your new assignment listed at the top
  • Click on your assignment
  • Option 1: Using the camera:

    • I like this option because i can grade in class before the students even leave the room. 
    • To the left you will see the camera of your computer. You may have more than one camera. It is possible to switch cameras by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom right of the camera image
    • Hold one of the tests in front of the camera for a second or so, you'll see it find the page and enter in the scan. 
    • Repeat this for all of the tests. 
    • Once your done, click reports at the top right and you can explore the different reports to see which questions were most missed etc. 
  • Option 2: Scanning documents in.

    • Use a scanner (like our Xerox machines) to scan the entire stack of papers into a pdf file.
    • Login to gradecam, click on your assignment.
    • However, this time, instead of holding the papers up to the camera, drag and drop the pdf file onto the blank area in the middle of the page. 
    • Gradecam will now process the entire stack at one time.