TEAMS: Edit STREAM to allow other teams to see it.

Microsoft is setup to keep things 'in house'. As such, right now no body outside our organization can see the videos you put there. In addition, you must login to see the videos. 

Another complication is, if you use a team to record the video, then the default is that only people in that team can see the video. This guide shows you how to change that. 

<<right now text only. Will add pictures later>>

  1. Login to
  2. click on 'Stream'. ( you may have to click 'all apps' to get it to show up)
  3. Click "My content", then "videos".  (across the top of the page)
  4. Find the Video you want to edit. and click it's name
  5. Click the triple dots (below the name, "Share Add to watchlist like ...")
  6. click update video details
  7. You are presented with several options. 
    1. Sharing Options:
      1. The easiest thing to do is tick the box under "Permissions" labelled "Allow everyone in your company to view this video". Then CLICK APPLY.  
        That will allow anyone logged into with @parkviewbaptist or @pbstudents email address to access the video 
      2. If you'd rather be more restrictive, you can search for and add groups to the display list... but this is more advanced. 
    2. Other options:
      1. Details
        You can rename
        You can give a description
        You can choose a language which allows the program to create a caption file. 
        You can choose the thumbnail picture
      2. Options:
        comments: I would turn this off. This will prevent people from commenting on the video
        Captions: This will auto-generate a caption file so students can watch it with captions. (Great for accomidations)
        Share: This will give you a link, or allow you to enter email addresses, or embed the video into another site.
        NOTE: even with this link, only people who have rights to view it (from above) will be able to see it.