RENWEB: Behavior Right-up in

Writing up students in your class. 

For Non-Behavior Situations (dress code, hair length, chewing gum, etc.)

  • Give the student a verbal warning
  • If it happens again you can write them up in renweb and send to Darron and I.  Be sure to let the student know that you have written them up.

For Behavior Situations (classroom distraction, talking out of turn, horseplay, etc.)

  • Give the student a verbal warning AND send a quick email to the parents informing them of the behavior.  Let the parents know that if the behavior continues they will be sent to the office / written up for their behavior.  Many times this will solve the behavior.  When you email the parent, please copy the student, Darron and I. 
  • If the behavior continues, let the student know they will be written up.

Inputting the Infraction in Renweb:

  1. Go to the student in renweb, and click on the “Behavior” tab on the right.
  2. Then click the “plus” sign to add the event (see below).
  3. Input the Behavior Event (the infraction) – i.e. Talking in class (this should be written next to the top arrow below).
  4. The second arrow = input a simple description of the event (Facts only), do not use other students names in the Description.
  5. The third arrow = input any confidential information (other students names, more detailed information, etc.)
  6. Do not input the Demerits or the Sanction (consequence). 
  7. Do not send this to the parents.
  8. Click “SAVE AND CLOSE” at the bottom. 
  9. Then click on the “email” icon
  10. Click the “Email Advisor” tab, and then Darron (for boys) and/or Becky (for girls), and then “SEND EMAIL”.

COMMUNCATION is the key.  Communicate with your students, communicate with the parents.  Parents should be well aware of behavior issues that is occurring before the student is written up with a consequence.   

For questions on this procedure please contact a Dean of Students.