RENWEB/FACTS Report Card Grades

While admin will upload progress report grades for all teachers, teachers will be required to upload all 9-weeks report card grades for their classes.  This is done so that teachers take the time to look over final grades for the quarter calculated by FACTS, checking to be sure each student's grades are true representations of their level of mastery of the content as well as the student's work ethic.  

  1. Select "Classroom" from main menu.
  2. Select class you teach.
  3. Select "Report Card" on the right-hand side of the screen. 
  4. Select "Load" which is towards the top right of the screen directly under the words "Credit Override".
  5. A "Load Grades" box will pop up.  Please make sure the following options are selected: Term: Qtr 1, Type: Numerical, Decimal Place: 0, then click "Load Grades"
  6. Look over students' grades, then click the Save logo, the little grey disk, at the bottom right of the screen.