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This guide explains how to print from any PBS iPad while connected to the school WiFi. It is most useful to Middle School students; however, anyone with a PBS iPad can use these instructions. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Once you have selected what you want to send to the printer, the first step is to click "Print" from the available list of options as shown below. 

    1. Note: If you do not see the print option on the bottom row, you may need to click the "More" button in the bottom right-hand corner to find the "Print" button if it is not already enabled.


      2. Next, choose the printer named "iPad-Find-Me-Printer" from the list of available options as shown below if it is not already selected.

            a. Note: The printer named "Xerox-Find-Me-Printer" may not work correctly if you are printing from an iOS device. Please be sure to select the correct Find-Me-Printer before proceeding.


      3.  If the device requests your username and password then you should enter your PBS username (firstname.lastname) and password as shown below. Then select "OK."


     4. If you entered a valid username and password, you will then see a screen with print options like the ones shown in the image below. Once you have set the desired options, press the "Print" button in the top right-hand corner of the window.

             a. If you need more than one copy you can press the "+" sign to increase the number of copies, and if you need fewer copies you can press the "-" sign to decrease the number of copies you want to send to the printer.

             b. If you do not need to print your job in full color, tap on the screen where it says "Color, Letter" and you will then see another option named "Black & White" which will allow you to send your print job in Black and White.


      5. To retrieve your print job, go to ANY of the Xerox Multi-Function Machines on campus, login to the machine, and select the job(s) you want to release (if you are uncertain which machines you are allowed to retrieve jobs from then please ask your teacher).

titleNot sure exactly how to retrieve your print job?

Now that your print job has been sent to the print server, you can retrieve the print job the same way that you would retrieve it if you sent it to the "Xerox-Find-Me-Printer." For detailed instructions on exactly how to retrieve a print job, please follow this link: Xerox Sharp Coper Machines - Getting Started