Sharp Coper Machines - Getting Started

This guide will explain how to use the "-Find-Me-Printer" and provide details on both methods that can be used to login to the machines themselves.

Step-by-step guide on using PBS Machines:

Short version:

 -You have to login to the machines in order to print and/or copy.

 -You should almost always print to "Find-Me-Printer on PBSPS."

Longer Version:

  1. Logging in:

    • If you don't have a new PBS ID Card or in case it is not working, you may have to login to the copier by clicking ‘alternate login’ and typing your username (firstname.lastname) and your password.
    • Once you do this, any print jobs you’ve sent to "Find-Me-Printer on PBSPS" will show up and you can select individual jobs to print, or you can click ‘print-all’ to print them all, or you can
    • Another option you have is to click ‘use copier’ to use the machine in order to make copies, send faxes (only available on certain machines), or to scan something to send as an email attachment.
    • Once you have connected your PBS ID Card to the machine, it will always log you back into the machines without you having to type in your username or password again because it has a special chip in it that you can wave in front of the sensor to login. Since it logs you in automatically, don't forget to log back out once you're done.
  2. Printing:
    • Print the file you want to the "-Find-Me-Printer on PBSPS"
    • Go to any of the 11 machines on campus
    • Login by tapping your PBS ID Card on the scanner or by selecting "Alternative Login Method" on the machine's LCD screen and entering your Username and Password.
    • Once you are logged in to the machine, select the item(s) you want and press click "Print Jobs Now" and your jobs will start printing immediately from that machine.
  3. Copying/Scanning/Emailing/Faxing:

    • Login by tapping your PBS ID Card on the scanner or by selecting "Alternative Login Method" on the machine's LCD screen and entering your Username and Password.
    • Press "Use Copier"
    • Now you can copy, scan, or email a job from the machine as usual. Please know that faxing services are only available at certain locations like the White House machine.
  4. I got a PBS ID Card, how do I use it? (Activating an RFID Card)
    • Wave or gently tap the card in front of the sensor on the left side of the machine.
    • The display will change and if you haven't already set it up it will ask, "Do you want to associate this card with your account?"
    • Press "Yes"
    • Enter your username (firstname.lastname) and select "Ok."
    • Enter your computer password and select "Ok."
    • That card is now associated with your account and waving it next to the machine's sensor will automatically log you in.
  5. I lost my ID Card, what should I do?
    1. Get a new card and follow the steps above for (Activating an RFID Card).
    2. The new card will replace your old card, so as soon as you complete the activation steps with your new card, the old card will no longer be recognized by the machines.

Wondering what will happen if your ID Card becomes lost or stolen?

Your password information can NOT be retrieved from a lost-and-found PBS ID Card. The old ID Card will continue to work on the machines until you have registered a new ID Card on one of the machines, which is why it is important that you get a new card as soon as possible. If you do not get a new ID Card then whoever finds your old ID Card will be able to retrieve your print jobs from any machine and/or make copies using your allotted individual print budget.