Printing Adobe PDF Troubleshooting (Needs Pictures)


PDF files can be created by a number of different sources (Adobe, MS Word, MS Powerpoint, Google Docs, "Fake Printers", Apple Pages, etc). This is especially true from crowd sourced sites like Teachers Pay Teachers. As a result they often present some issues in printing them correctly.  


The primary solution to this is to print from different programs. 


  1. Save your PDF file to your computer. 
    1. If it is downloaded from a website then it should be automatically saved in your downloads folder. 
    2. If it was emailed to you, right click on the attachment and select "Save As". then choose a location to save it. 
  2. Open in a choice of programs.
    1. Open your file explorer 
    2. Navigate to the folder that you saved the file in. 
    3. RIGHT-click on the file
    4. choose "open with". This choice will be about halfway down the list of options. 
    5. Choose a program to open with. 
    6. Print your file from that program.

This is a little complicated because I can't necessarily tell you which one will work correctly. It is a little bit trial and error. I've had good luck opening in "Edge". But, if that doesn't work repeat these steps and try a different program. At a particular time, I was helping two different people with this issue. One of them was able to print from Adobe fine, the other one (with a different file), Adobe was crashing each time the attempt was made to print.