Typing Math Symbols in Word

Step-by-step guide

  1. Type math into word easily
    Ever wish you could just type delta instead of having to go to "insert symbol"? Here's How
    1. Open word
    2. Select File
    3. Options
    4. Proofing
    5. Autocorrect Options
    6. Math AutoCorrect Tab
    7. Select "Use Math Autocorrect Rules outside of math regions"
    8. Now you can type the name of the symbols and get the symbol. 
    9. the trick is to precede it with a "\"
    10. So, "\Delta" will be replaced with a capital delta and "\delta" a lower case delta. 
    11. "\pm" will give you the 'plus/minus' symbol
    12. The code your using is actually "LaTex" here's a more complete list of what you can use.