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When you leave Parkview, either by graduation or transfer, your files and emails will no longer be available to you. You will need to make preparations to carry with you what you need. 


You WILL lose access to your emails when you leave parkview for any reason. They will be deleted soon after your departure. 

    • You should not be using "" address for personal reasons.  However, sometimes you do and you will need to change those accounts.  (one of the most common is Spotify). Please notice it is difficult to open a students email after they have left. So, please take care of this before you leave PBS
    • Think hard, well before you leave, about any accounts that you may have setup using PBS email. 
      • common ones include, ACT, College Board/AP, your college application, spotify... 
    • Log into those accounts, go to account settings, and change your email there. 
    • They might force you to confirm your "old email" before they let you change it. Thus the reason you need to do this BEFORE YOU LEAVE Parkview. 

Emails you want to keep::

    • if you have an email you'd like to keep (friend sent it to you, it has a picture you want, etc). Then you will need to "forward that email" to yourself at a person email account. 


You WILL lose access to your files when you leave or graduate. 
        NOTE: ALL Senior Laptops will get completely wiped of all information on them. If you want to keep it you will need to copy it. 

Favorites from Edge

Here's a link on how to export your favorites. Once you do that, you can import them onto another computer. How to export Favorites from Edge - Microsoft Community