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  • Tech OneLiner – Full page web page capture

    A screen shot is great! (I use [Win]-[shift]-[s] to capture pictures and words all the time).

    BUT, what if you want a whole web page?  
    I recently used this feature for a teacher who wanted to share a web-page from a site we couldn’t unblock for the students. So, instead, we took a full-page web capture of the website and shared that picture with them instead.

    EDGE has you covered.

    1. Open edge and go to the page you want to capture.
    2. Click the “meatball menu”, triple dots at the top right. Then click “Web Capture”.
      Image Added 
    3. Then choose “Capture full page”
    4. Poof the whole web page is now in a drawing screen. You can draw on it, with various colors. Then
      1. Click save to save it as a jpeg in your downloads folder. From there you can email, share to teams, etc.
      2. Click the meatball menu and choose “copy”. Now it’s on your clipboard to be pasted into a Word document, Powerpoint, etc.

    Hope you find this useful.
    This is being stored with other “Tech OneLiners” HERE

  • Use Edge to Create a QR code  (sent 20210816)

    • go to the address you want to create a code for
    • Click in the address bar
    • Click the icon for the QR code generator
    • Click download. (You can also type in the blank to create a QR for any text)
    • Find  the picture of the QR code in your downloads folder ready to be pasted into any document, site, or MsTEAMS. 
  • Outlook Search

    • Outlook has a powerful search feature ... if you know how to use it. 
    • You can just type a name, but here are some common searches I use:
      • Subject
        • find an email with a certain word in the subject
        • EG: subject:"mike smith" will find email about mike smith not from or to him. 
      •  "From"
        • find an email from a specific person.
        • EG from:mike.smith will find email from mike.smith, not just emails that mention him or are sent to him
      • "received"
        • find an email received on a certain day
        • EG: received:=1/1/2016
        • EG received:yesterday
        • EG received:lastweek
      • "sent"
        • messages sent on certain day
        • EG sent:today
      • NOT
        • search for one instance but not another
        • EG: "homecoming NOT parade" will search for emails that mention homecoming but do not have the word parade in them. 
          (note that "NOT" must be all caps)
      • Find more here on Microsoft's support page