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Why: Sometimes a website will confuse itself with data that it stored from before. This is especially true if you change your username or settings. This happens frequently with "My-Math-Lab" and other Pearson Sites:

How: Websites store data for you in "cookies" so that when you return you don't have to re-select some options. So, to clear that up we need to delete the "cookies". 

  1. In your browser, select the "meatball menu" at the top right. (3 dots).  (Thes are written for MS Edge, but are very similar to Chrome)
  2. Then select "Settings"
  3. Next Choose "Privacy, search, and services"
  4. Under "Clear Browsing Data" select "Choose what to clear"
  5. Choose "All time, then clear now
  6. Close Edge, then reopen