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Youtube search is amazingly powerful. But most most people don't know how to maximize their results for what they really want. 

Here's a link I found that goes inoto detail. 50+ Advanced YouTube Search Operators: The Full List ( 

But here are some of my favorite:

  • Restrict to certain dates of upload
    • after:[date]
      Example: nasa after:2020-02-01
      This will search videos uploaded after a certain date.  In my example, I am searching for videos about NASA created after February 1, 2020. This is a great way to keep from getting older videos.
    • Before:[date]
      Like after but searching for older videos. 
  • require certain words:
    plus sign
    Example: "nasa +"moon landing"
    This requires a certain word to be present in the search result. In my example I would like "nasa" to be in the result. But i require "moon landing" to be in the results. This might come back with SpaceX plans to go to the moon since SpaceX is related to Nasa.
  • remove certain words:
    Minus Sign
    Example:  games -minecraft
    This will not return videos containing the word minecraft. 
  •  Quote Marks:
    Example: "nasa funding is too high"
    This will search for the whole phrase. It must be those words in that order. Without the quotes, this would return videos that match ANY of those words. Any video about "funding" would be returned
  • Another trick is the "filter button" right above your result: This will let you sort or restrict in a menu driven style.