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The quick version 

Cafeteria Main Room

  1. Go to the back panel
  2. Tap and Login (you'll need the passcode)
  3. Tap “ON” (this
    Therea are two "ON" buttons. The left one turns on the TV only. The right one turns on the projectors AND TV. 
    The right one will turn on the TV in the back of the room, lower the screens, lower the projectors, and turn them on)on.
    The left one will turn on only the TV. 
  4. Tap the gray button under “Source” and select your input.
    1. HDMI input 1 is the plug in the front of the room
    2. HDMI input 2 is the plug in the back of the room by the panel
    3. Input 3 and 4 are in the Private Dining
    4. Input 8 is the School Digital Signage
  5. Slide the “video slider” up to turn the audio on 
  6. Plug in your computer with an HDMI cable to whichever source you picked
  7. Start your show and turn up the volume
  8. The other sliders are different mic plugs in the room. And soon to be coming are two wireless mics as well. 

Highly suggest

  • Bringing an HDMI cable. They have a tendency to walk away
  • Testing before you need it (especially audio)

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Lobby TV and Speakers in the Courtyard. 

This control panel can only be reached in the server closet to the right of the cafeteria lunch line. 

  1. Go to the panel in the server closet
  2. Tap and Login (you'll need the passcode)
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  1. Tap "Courtyard and Lobby" at the top.
  2. To get video on the "lobby tv"
    1. Tap “ON” 
    2. Tap the gray button under “Source” and select your input.

Audio to the courtyard:

  1. Also in the server closet andeeed "Courtyard and Lobby" selected
  2. Turn up the slider for you selected audio source
    1. mic9 and 10 are mic plugs in the coutyard
    2. Dining mix is the same sound mix you have chosen for the cafeteria. 

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