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    Pros:This is probably the quickest and easiest. 
    Cons: No recording of your camera. No switching. Can't record voice and computer audio. No automatic storage. 
    1. go to the site
    2. click 'get started'
    3. select the audio you want
    4. click share your screen and select what you want to record
      1. screen (a whole screen)
      2. application window: This will only record the application you choose. So you could record "chrome" but not your email. 
      3. Chrome tab: This will record just a single tab of chrome. 
    5. click share
    6. click 'record'
    7. Do what you want to do
    8. click stop recording
    9. click the download button
    10. put the video where you want it. 
  2. Teams Recording. 
    Pros: You and kids have accounts: Automatically saved to stream: can switch between camera and screen.
    Cons: Unless you download the video and post it somewhere else, sharing can be confusing. this is mostly designed to share within our organization. If you record in an active team, people could 'join' in the middle of your recording. 
    1. login to teams (app or website)
    2. go to a specific team (or dummy team if you don't want people interrupting)
    3. cilck to start a meeting. 
    4. click the triple dots and click record
    5. now you can click 'share' to share your screen' or stop sharing to share your camera
    6. when done click triple dots, stop recording. 
    7. End the meeting
    8. now on goto "stream". There you can download the video. OR, adjust the settings to allow sharing within your division. 
  3. Zoom Recording
  4. Open Source Broadcast System (OBS) with xsplit 
    2. This allows you to switch cameras and insert your face. 
  5. Others?