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This KB tells you how to restrict students to certain web pages for a set period of time. It applies to iPads and Windows Computers. 

Step-by-step guide

    1. Start off by logging into "Lightspeed Systems" using Clever

      1. use your browser to go to ""
      2. click 'log in with active directory"
      3. type in your credentials and click 'sign in'
      4. click on 'Lightspeed Systems"
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      5. Click on "Web Zones"
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    2. Step One: “Setup the policy (policies) that you can activate later"

      1. Click on your class icon 
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      2. Green plus sign
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      3. Here you see the Webzone Creator. 
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      4. Type a name for the policy or "Web Zone"

      5. Type the websites that you want to allow (Best is to copy-paste from your browser)
      6. Type names of sites you want to block. (Or select "Block all websites"
      7. Click Create. 
    3. Activate that restriction:
      1. Now that you have created that policy, you can activate at any time. 
      2. Repeat the steps above to get into your class in the "Web Zones".
      3. You should see a list of your "Web Zones"
        1. select the time duration of the policy and then click the play button. 
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        2. This will start the policy and run it for the time you select
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        3. You'll see a countdown till the policy runs out and a stop button to cancel the policy.  
      4. Best practices:
        1. Select a time limit that will run out before you class is over. It is possible to press the stop button and stop it, but it's better if it ends on its own. 
        2. Make sure to stop ALL policies before your class is over. This is a potential pain if a student goes to the next class unable to access the apps they need for that class.