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If you would like to make sure your data is secure, it is wise to change your password occasionally. We use Active Directory which provides single-sign-on (SSO) support to many other services like your Email, OneDrive, YouTube, Microsoft Office, and even some ipad apps. So changing your password with this method will also change password for the specific applications that support single-sign-on or "SSO."

NOTE: This method does NOT work for students. Also, you must be connected to the PBS Network in order to be able to change your password using these directions.

Changing your main PBS password:

  1. Login to your school computer as normal using your "current password"

  2. Now press the "CTRL", "ALT", and "Delete" buttons at the same time

  3. A new screen should pop-up where you can now click "change password"

  4. Fill in the requested fields (see "Picture 2" to the right of this page)

    1. "Old Password" will be the password you previously entered to login to your computer.

    2. "New Password" will be the password you want to use from this point forward.

    3. "Confirm Password" has to be THE EXACT SAME as "new password"

  5. NOTE: Your "New Password" will not work unless it meets all of the following requirements:


      At least one capital letter (ex: "E" instead of "e")


      At least one lower case letter (ex: "b" instead of "B")


      At least one numbers (must be a number 1-9 or a 0)


      At least one symbol (examples include: !  @  #  $  )


      At least NINE digits in length

  6. Click on the blue right arrow. (see picture 2 to the right)

  7. Click "OK"

  8. Now you're done. Your password has been changed.

Picture 1

Picture 2