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Follow these steps at your earliest convenience to enable OneDrive on your computer. This is also the easiest way to fix an issue where you might be unable to sign into "Office 2013" products like Word 2013.

 NOTE: This process will take approximately 20

titlePlease read before proceeding

This process takes approximately 30 minutes to complete so please make sure you will have enough time to complete the installation and that your laptop will not run out of battery or fall asleep during the process.


Before you begin, you may want to check to see if OneDrive is already installed on your computer by clicking the Start menu, typing "OneDrive" and looking to see if it finds a program called OneDrive. If you see OneDrive in the start menu then skip to step number 8. Otherwise you should begin with step number 1.


Most of the beginning steps need to be performed while you're connected to the PBS network and you should not open any Microsoft Office Products during the installation process (so do not try to open Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. until you have successfully finished updating Office).

titleIf you already have Office 2016

Skip to step number 8 if you already have Office 2016 on your computer. You can check which version of Office you have on your computer by typing "Word" into the start menu search and the top search result should be Microsoft Office Word and it will either say "2013" or "2016" to the right of the program.


One Drive Setup

  1. Save and close and any documents/files/emails you are currently working on in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, etcor Publisher.
  2. Once everything is closed, then double-click the Software Center icon on your desktop. (Note: If you accidentally open the Software Center from the Start Menu instead, then it will not open correctly)

  3. Select "Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus2016" and then click Install (If you don't do not see it on the first page of the Software Center then you can navigate to the second page or use the search bar at the top right-hand corner to find the Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus installation).

  4. Click "Yes" on the Application Installation dialog box.

  5. After you have clicked "Yes," the installation will automatically begin running and you may or may not see this window:dialog boxes that look somewhat similar to the one below. (Note: If you see any kind of "Installation Failed" error message after clicking "Yes" in Step 4 then please restart your computer and go back to Step 1. If you see an "Installation Failed" error message again after restarting then contact the Help Desk so we can address the issue.)

  6. This will take some time to complete so please be patient and do not attempt to run the installation more than once unless you just restarted you computer in order to follow the Step 5 side-note. Also please do not attempt to open Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher programs or any files that would use a Microsoft product (program that was just mentioned (ex: Word, Excel, WordPowerPoint, etc.). If you would like to view the status of the installation (This part is OPTIONAL), you can find it here:


  7. Once the installation is complete you will get a pop-up that looks exactly like the image below except it will say "Office 2016" instead of "ProPlus." Click "OK" and then restart your computer.

  8. NowAfter you log back into your computer, click the Start menu, find Microsoft Office Word and open it. If Word 2016 by searching the Start Menu for "Word" and click it to open it. Wait a moment for the program to finish loading completely, and if you are prompted for a username/email address and a password then be sure to enter your PBS email address and associated password. If you were not prompted then continue to step number Step 9.
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  9. Click "Accept" on the new license agreement

  10. Click "Blank document" to create a new document

  11. After you have the blank document page open, you will see there is an "Account Error" in the top Now that you have signed into Office, look at the "system tray" of your computer which is found in the bottom right-hand corner of the window. Click on the drop-down arrow next to your name and then click "Sign in"
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  12. If you were not prompted for a username/email address and a password in step number 8 then you will be prompted after you have clicked the "Sign in" button shown in step number 11. When this happens, be sure to enter your PBS email address and associated password before proceeding.
  13. Now that you have signed into Office, go back to your Start menu, find Microsoft Office and open OneDrive for Business 2013
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    Click "Sync Now" (If you do not see a "Sync Now" button then that simply means your file share location did not generate automatically. If this happens to you, skip to step number 19 for additional instructions before continuing to step number 15.)
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    Next you just need to copy your files from everywhere your computer next to the clock and find the OneDrive icon; click the icon once to open it. You may need to click the arrow to view hidden icons as shown below. 
    1. (OPTIONAL STEP: If you always want to know the sync status of your OneDrive, go ahead and click-and-drag the OneDrive Icon down next to the icon that are already set to always display. See the second set of pictures below for a helpful diagram on what this process looks like)

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  14. After you have clicked the OneDrive icon once, you should see the "Set up OneDrive" dialog box shown below. Go ahead and type in your email address and click sign-in. (Note: If the dialog box does not look exactly like the one below, then it may be the wrong version of OneDrive. In this case, restart your computer and try again.) 

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    1. If you get an error message that says something about the OneDrive setup process is "spurious" then just click "Ok." and continue the setup process.

    2. If you see an "Office 365" sign-in page exactly like the one below, make sure you just CLICK the password blank and do not actually type your password in there or it will not work. Once you click on the password blank it should redirect you to a different page that should already recognize your computer password.

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  15. After you click "OK" in the last part of Step 11, you should be able to make it through the remaining setup prompts by clicking "Next" every time you see that option:
    (Note: Be patient during the "Signing in" step because it may take 1-2 minutes at first)

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  16. If you have already used OneDrive at PBS on a different computer then you are done with the OneDrive sync/setup process; however, if you haven't ever used OneDrive before you still need to copy your files from anywhere you might have saved them and then paste them in your OneDrive folder. You can see which OneDrive folder you should use in the image shown below. Make sure you copy your files from every location, which could be in means your My Documents folder, the U-Drive, your computer's Desktop, random flashdrives, and /or flashdrivesanywhere else you might have files. (If you are having trouble finding your OneDrive folder then click the Start menu, type "OneDriveWindows Explorer" then press the Enter key and you should see it as shown below)
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    Now you have successfully setup . Just make sure you click the "OneDrive -Parkview Baptist School" one and not the "OneDrive - Personal" that may also show up underneath it.)

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  17. Since we're done setting up your new OneDrive folder so , you want to make SURE from this point forward everything you want to keep needs to be placed saved in your OneDrive folder instead of in your "My Documents" folder or "U-Drive." To learn how to save something to this folder, continue to step number 17Step 15.
  18. To save something new to your OneDrive folder, click on "File," then click "Save As," and then select OneDrive. (Anything you put in your OneDrive folder will sync automatically to the cloud as soon as you click save so once you get your files in there you will be able to access them from anywhere)
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  19. If you have successfully completed all of the steps above then the remaining steps are not required, but if you would like to see how to sync your files from the cloud to any computer (including loaner computers or even a things like you home computer) then continue to step number 19Step 17.
  20. To access your OneDrive files directly from a web browser, go to  OR  
  21. Click the "Sign in" button in the top right-hand corner of the window, then enter your PBS email address and click "Next"

  22. Click "OneDrive for Business." Please be sure to read all of the next step before attempting to complete it.

  23. Enter your school email address only and then place the mouse cursor or pointer inside the Password blank and wait until you have been redirected to the correct web page (The redirection will look like the image seen below. If this did not happen for you then go back to step number 19 Step 17 and try again).

  24. Now, enter your school email address again on the new web page (shown above) and type the associated password and then click "Sign In"
  25. Once you are signed in, click the menu button in the top left-hand corner of the page and then select the OneDrive application (shown below)

  26. Now you are viewing your OneDrive from a web browser, but you may or may not have any files at this point. You can access your files from here at any time, but ultimately you will want to sync them to your computer. To sync them to your computer, click the "Sync" button and then press "Sync now" on the new dialog box.

  27. You may or may not see a pop-up window that looks something like the one below depending on which web browser you are using. Be sure to click "Launch Application" or something similar if it says something different. (If you are prompted to sign in after this then be sure to use your PBS email address and password)

  28. Click "Sync Now" as shown below and that will complete the setup process, but if you had to skip to step number 19 then you probably don't have any files in your OneDrive yet so be sure to go back and complete step number 15 through number 18.
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titleWhew! That was a lot of steps.

We know this was a lot of steps to complete, but hopefully you were able to do it successfully as we want to make sure everyone is using OneDrive so that their files are safe and they don't lose anything because they were still saving to their "My Documents" folder. If you have any problems while using this documentation that you can't resolve on your own then feel free to contact the Help Desk so we can get the problem corrected. Also, if you think we missed a step or if something was a little bit confusing for you then definitely let us know about that too so we can update the documentation for everyone.